Infinite Captcha Loop In Main Device

I’m suffering an infinite captcha loop, when I check the captcha box the web reloads.
Happens in all webs that use the Turnstile Captcha, with all browsers, doesn’t matter if I’m in Incognito or not, connecting to another wifi doesn’t work either, and all of this happens to only one device, the one I use to casually browse through the internet.
The only captcha I could do was the one to make the account I’m writing this with, which failed like 30 times until I clicked the highlight asking if I had any problems, after that it suddenly checked itself, this message does not appear in any other web though.

Can you try using a different browser, or the private / incognito browsing mode of your browser, with all extensions disabled? Typically this type of thing can happen if you have some software interfering with your HTTP requests.

No, the same thing happens for all browsers, even in incognito, I have also deleted all cookies and cleared cache but nothing works, and I have installed no additional software that could interfere with the http requests since I started having this problem

I just installed FireFox and that seems to work just fine, but is there any way I could get my main browser “Brave” to work?

Let me message you directly to see what might be happening here.