Infinite browser checking problem in latest chrome dev

After switching to google chrome dev version, I have a problem with infinite browser checking when connecting to some pages protected by CloudFlare. The problem does not occur on other browsers (Edge, Firefox).

I turned off the privacy protection in chrome browser settings and allowed all cookies, but it didn’t change anything. The problem also occurs in incognito mode.

Gif from browser window:

Browser: Google Chrome DEV (ver. 89.0.4350.7)
OS: Windows 10 Pro (ver. 20H2)

Hi Riko,

Well Chrome Dev is two or three versions ahead of the stable version, and the changes in it may or may not be added into the next general release.
You also have a workaround for the problem, either using other browsers or the stable Chrome release.

In my point of view this can be either a waste of time or actually save us time, depending on the exact root cause of the problem and if what’s causing it will get to a general release.

Here on forum it won’t be easy to help you so i would recommend taking an HAR file demonstrating the issue and raise a ticket to Cloudflare support.

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