Infinit Loop verification cloudflare

Hello, my website is always connected to “under attack mode” or I activate the WAF rules, the user goes into an infinite loop on the screen right after the captcha, it keeps checking if the user is a robot forever, always reloading on the same screen, it just leaves If you hold down Ctrl and press f5, the site will fail to load, and when you press ctrl f5 again you access the site normally, I really need help please…

Cloudflare’s I’m Under Attack Mode performs additional security checks to help mitigate layer 7 DDoS attacks. Your end-users will need to go through a JS challenge when they go to your side. Since the Under Attack mode requires your browser to support JavaScript to display and pass the interstitial page, it is expected to observe the impact.

Some ideas on fixing the challenge loop:

1/ Clear the browser cache, history, and cookies, then restart your browser and try again.
2/ Disable any browser extensions, particularly privacy or security ones, as they may interfere with the behavior of the challenge. You can do this by going to the Extensions page (chrome://extensions) in Chrome.
3/ Adjust your browser’s security settings to allow cookies, since some might block cookies, causing the looping effect.
4/ Lastly, make sure the browser is updated to the current version.
5/ Check if you are using any VPN or Proxy.

Other than these, you may consider troubleshooting your browser. You may find this community post useful: Challenge Loop - #7 by RiverYkb.