Infection causing Blacklist?

Im not quite sure whether this is the right site/section to post this is in but I’ll go ahead anyways, sorry if this is the wrong place.

I’ve recently clicked a link, which redirected me to a page that just made a loud beeping sound which got closed shortly after by my Anti Virus. So I thought I was safe.

The next day, more and more sites wanted me to complete a Captcha, which seems to be powered by Cloud Flare, on every visit. After researching a bit, I tried looking up my IP one some of those blacklist check sites, and I found out that I am listed on around 8 lists for spamming, and identified as a “worst offender” on SpamRats.

I tried running my Anti Virus Program Kaspersky Internet Security, Malware Bytes and the Chrome Cleanup Tool, and reinstalling Chrome, but with no success.

After some more investigation about what kind of connections are going out from my PC, I saw that some connections were going out to different Cloud Flare services, every few seconds. But this does not seem to be the case anymore.

Also some programs/games were denying access after a while and a browser window with a poorly made fake of ReCaptcha keeps opening when trying to log in in to Programs like Teamspeak 3.

If theres anything I can do to find out if my PC really is infected, or how to get rid of my entry in the malicous activity lists otherwhise, please hit me up. Id really appreciate it.

Hi there,

Sorry to hear about your issues. This doesn’t sound like a Cloudflare issue, but if you are suddenly getting more CAPTCHAs than you were before one likely cause would be that your IP has been flagged for being associated with malicious activity or software.