Infastructure> Access Status meaning?


What does the “access status” in the infastructure, security center means. They all say “not secured”, yet half of them are proxied?

Have you restricted the origin servers to deny requests from non-Cloudflare IP addresses?

most are pointing at AWS cloudfront distributions and half of the things in there, have actually been deleted a week ago but still show

So that would be a no? If a user can bypass Cloudflare to connect to an origin directly I imagine that is what not secured is referring to.

correct, how can that even be done when using cname to point at aws cloudfront?

I’ve never used Cloudfront. If it is possible to restrict connections to specific IPs I would imagine it would be in their documentation.

It actually means that the particular subdomain is not protected using Cloudflare Access.

But honestly it’s kinda funny to put the “Access Status” because not all websites are sensitive and needs to have Cloudflare Access configured on top of it.

ok thanks. There are also a few A records in there that dont even exist, any ideas why that might be? And also there are domains that are not in there , that dont have “Cloudflare access” either . This infastructure report, seems to be a bit buggy to me

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