Inexplicable 522 error on one of my domains

I’m running an nginx reverse proxy with three separate server entries. One of the three was added today, and was a direct copy of another, with only the server_name and the root ("/") location changed. After doing lots of testing, I can say that beyond reasonable doubt, my nginx has a working configuration. When not running behind Cloudflare, everything works perfectly fine, and when running behind Cloudflare, everything except for works. That site throws a 522 error, with no server-side indication that a request has even been made. The AAAA records of my domains all point to the same IP address.

It appears that now works and redirects to a github page. appears to still have problems, I am seeing a 526:

More info here:

Yeah it works now, thanks for testing!
Also thanks for pointing out that www didn’t work. I only had in my server_name, but I added www in there too and it uses the correct server+cert now!

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