Individual URL purge mean/95th percentile latency?

I see the API provides the means to purge an individual object from the cache by providing it’s URL.

Working with a client and they are considering adopting Cloudflare, but we need to purge objects from the cache very frequently, in some cases, once every number of seconds.

It works like this, an object will sit for a month, without requiring purging, then it will require purging every day, then every hour, then every minute, then we won’t need it any more and it can just be removed.

I should have said, ‘invalidate’. We don’t need the object removed, just invalidated.

Is there a question?

Purge-on-publish is a common recipe. Just be careful you don’t hit the API rate limit (1000 urls/min on the Free plan).

Cache invalidate would be nice, but I do not know of a way to do this via the API. I presume you want to flag to the cache that it should serve the current asset, but do a background validation when you know the asset has been changed on the origin.

Thanks, Michael, the question is, how slow is API initiated object invalidation ‘soft purge’? Are there any metrics anywhere? Is the latency 200ms, 5 seconds, 10 minutes, as soon as they get around to it?

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