Individual content categories


I was trying to specify content categories, but got following error: “Could not process policy request: you must upgrade plan to use individual content categories.” but there’s no info on how to upgrade the plan. Was trying to log in with pro account, but was still getting the same error message.
Am I missing something or this functionality doesn’t work yet?

Thanks in advance!


I don’t recall seeing “Content Categories” anywhere. Where is that?

Sorry, should have been more specific. It’s inside policies section.

I came here to ask the same question, I get the aforementioned popup when attempting to select anything but “Adult” as a category. Any info you can provide would be helpful.

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I believe that’s all one gets at the free plan level. I’m not sure if they’ve opened it up to individual upgrades outside of full-featured Teams subscribers.

Can you confirm, assuming you are a ‘full featured Teams subscriber’, that the content categories are available to you as such?

EDIT: Reread your post and I guess I will be anxiously awaiting individual upgrades as an option.

Hope this functionality comes soon! I love using DOH while filtering certain content for my family!