Indicate the basic rules needed for the website

I’m learning about Cloudflare rules.
Can you advise and show me the necessary rules for a website to improve security, anti-DDos, Anti-Bad Bot, Accelerate webiste optimization on pagespeed, and other necessary rules?
Currently I have not created any rules on Cloudflare.

Happy to hear about it! :slight_smile:

May I ask what kind of Website you’re having? :thinking:
Is it a blog, or WordPress, or web application which handles a lot of requests, have you got users, comments, is it a webshop?

Helpful resources in the meantime:

Some examples can be found at the links from above, others could be found here at the :orange: Community by using the search :search: option to find topics about things you’d like to achieve.

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Thank you.
My website is Wordpress.
I have user access.
I want to learn about Cloudflare rules from beginner to advanced.
Like learning if , while , event programming.
I need those documents.
Thank you for guiding me.