Indian subscriptions declined - new RBI rule

As you’ll must have heard of the new RBI rules here in India - starting Oct 1, 2021, all recurring charges from India will get declined. See:

You might already been seeing declined payments from India.

Before our account charge get’s declined (it’s towards the end of the month) do let me know how I can make the payment in line with the new rules. Currently, I believe there is only an option to update the cc details and then the charge gets run after a day or so. Not sure if this current method will work with the new policies.

I am just putting this out here since this is going to affect ALL of your Indian customers.

Additionally, I am happy to pay annually if you have that option.

Any help is appreciated.

please screenshot check

I am having problem in buying a do something plan, get it fixed

Your ticket has been replied to by our team, the issue that you are having is not related to RBI.


Hi @sahil.parikh,
We are aware of recent regulatory changes instituted by the Reserve Bank of India, which requires additional factor authentication for recurring transactions. We are working with our payment partners so that we are compliant, but in the near term you may need to take additional steps to manually process recurring payments directly via the Cloudflare dashboard.


Hi @Laurie
Thanks for your reply. So, our card is due to get charged on the 27th of the month. So, in case you have not updated your systems by then, are you saying our charge will get declined and then we need to login and make the payment manually? Did I understand that correctly? Ok to do that.


Hi @sahil.parikh,
Yes, that is possible that you will have to log in and manually choose Pay Now.

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