Indian NS and A records



My web hosting provider is India based. After activating cloudflare, DNS lookup says both, A records and NS records pointing towards US servers. Any way to get cloudflare’s Indian server settings instead US?
Hope, this will reduce traffic hops…


IP is not a reliable way to check where it is pointing with Cloudflare. Better, you should try


tracing shows colo=LHR, a London server. Also, tracert command shows london IP addresses. Only initial hops are Indian, after that, some London IPs and at last, some US IPs.
Any comment?


Would be possible to share domain name? I would check once from my end.


suffix .IN to it.


Yes, I see. Here’s also the same issue. I am getting routed to LHR. I would suggest, please contact Cloudlare support via e-mail. Make sure to share tracert report.


Except Airtel broadband cloudflare does not serve any content from Indian Edge server (Maa, Bom,Del). Only on airtel and few exception it serve from Indian Edge locations.


Unfortunately, we can’t do anything.


its not like that buddy. i investigated a little deep.

if you are visiting a cloudflare’s paid user’s website then the traffic is routed via BOM DC otherwise LHR or some singapore server.

take a look on


That thread also mentions Peering, so I suspect if the network the client is on doesn’t peer with the local Cloudflare POP, then it goes with the cheapest route.


Thanks all for helping.
@step, You are correct.

I had raised support ticket with CF. They said, as of now, their Indian servers are heavily loaded with dense web traffic. So, their servers have stopped FREE traffic to route through Indian servers and routing that traffic through less loaded servers.

They also commented that they will try to route my traffic through Indian servers if I go with BUSINESS plan (but they are not 100% sure). And, if I subscribe to their ENTERPRISE plan, they have assured to route traffic through “ANY PREFERRED” server.


i think the reason behind this is indian/asian bandwidth is expensive.

i dont know how some vps/dedicated server providers offers unlimited bandwidth in europe.

what makes europe bandwidth cheaper than asia ? asian countries are poor or what?