India CDN Colo singapore Always


I am on business plan for about more than a year. I have around 50% of my users from India. From last 6 month I have never seen (nor my users) my sites serving from India Edge Server. (DEL, MAA, BOM). Every time I raise a support request I get one thing only that those Edge location are heavily loaded hence you are getting served from Singapore or London.

I know few other websites which are using Business plans and all of them are getting served from either Singapore or London in india. Checked these things on almost 10+ ISP and 3 different States in india as well.

Every time I do on any ISP, I never get Indian Edge Location. What is the way forward? always gives DEL colo. So not much problems with ISPs.

If these CDN are for enterprise only customer, it should be mentioned on their page.


Is there no Indian publisher? Or no Indian publisher facing the similar issue?

1 network (Airtel) has started serving content from Indian COLO. Yet all other still either serving from SIN or London.

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