Indefinite TLS 1.0 support?

We have 150,000 devices in the field that are on an old chipset and cannot be upgraded to support newer TLS standards. Unfortunately, Azure is removing TLS 1.0 support from their entire cloud. I am wondering if I can have the devices connect to Cloudflare over TLS 1.0 and send the traffic to the app over TLS 1.2. If this is supported, how long with Cloudflare support TLS 1.0?

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Cloudflare does support TLS 1.0 but as stated here PCI compliance and vulnerabilities mitigation · Cloudflare SSL/TLS docs : both TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 are insufficient for protecting information due to known vulnerabilities.

The minimum TLS version recommended to be set on your domain(s) should be TLS 1.2 or higher.

A higher TLS version implies a stronger cryptographic standard. TLS 1.2 includes fixes for known vulnerabilities found in previous versions.

I hope this answers it all.

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