Incrementally adopting Cloudflare Pages?

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We’re big fans of Cloudflare Pages and are looking to migrate our site over to using it.

We’re currently running a Ruby stack on AWS so would need to re-create our pages in order to make this transition, therefore we would like to migrate pages on a path by path basis (e.g /selling, then /about etc)

The approach we’re trying is to run a NGINX service inside our AWS instance that acts as a reverse proxy to our custom pages domain ( We understand this reduces the benefits of speed that Pages offers but we’re okay with that for now.

The problem we’re running into, is that we’re getting a “SSL do_handshake() failed” error when trying this approach, although our set-up works with any other website we’re trying to proxy to.

My question is two-fold: Is something like this technically feasible, and if so, what would be the best approach to achieving it or should our NGINX approach be working?

You could use Cloudflare Workers to route requests to different hosts based on path. Or route a percentage of requests to Pages. This would allow you to transition incrementally, while still taking full advantage of the performance Pages offers.


Great! Thank you Albert. Would we need to transition our DNS from Route53 to Cloudflare or do workers still function when sitting behind a Route53 instance?

You can use either a full or a partial setup with Cloudflare. A full setup requires that you use Cloudflare as your DNS provider. If you are a Business or Enterprise customer, you also have the option of using a partial setup. This only requires setting a CNAME and TXT record at your existing DNS provider. However, a partial setup has some limitations, so it is recommended that you use a full setup.

Great, thanks for clarifying Albert :slightly_smiling_face:

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