Incremental builds on Cloudflare Pages?

To my knowledge, in order to have incremental builds, one must cache the .cache and public folders between builds. Vercel already does this while Netlify has a build plugin for this. Building 10k+ pages (e.g., blog website) is really slow and unnecessarily makes a ton of CMS API calls when only 2 or 3 pages change (e.g., one blog post added). Does Cloudflare plan to add this feature to Cloudflare Pages? Thanks in advance!

Hello, yes I do believe this is planned. Mentioning it on the Discord would be good (#feedback channel), it’s an indicator for the team that people want it which may help prioritise it. You can find the Discord here

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Thanks for the quick reply! I will mention it now.

It would be a great addition guys, looking forward to this one… I believe Cloudflare will definitely add this one today or tomorrow…