Increasing My website performance

Hello everyone My website performance is a big problem for me Any suggestions to increase my site performance? I am using WordPress and woocomerce plugins And also try using alot of cash plugins and i have the free cloudflare plan

The link of my website

I think this sums up the problem.

  1. Its seldom you will see a really good performing WordPress page
  2. To make your shop offer you all functionalities you want you need to install Plugins over Plugins added to your WooCommerce (Plugin)
  3. Just use one good Caching Plugin
  4. CloudFlare will not speed up your site by much, just the static assets. So CloudFlare will rise the TTFB of dynamic content but speeds up static content.

Thank you for your reply
I tried wp rocket as a cash plugin but still the same issue
What do you suggest for me?

WP Rocket is a very good cache plugin. It’s the best I have tried. I don’t use WooCommerce but I’m getting good results with WP Rocket + WordPress + Cloudflare Pro ($20/month) with APO enabled. Google PageSpeed is 93 on mobile and 100 on desktop.

It looks like you’re not using Cloudflare now. When I loaded your site, the waiting time (TTFB) was over 5 seconds, and each request to your origin server was 1-2 seconds each. It’s probably overloaded from all of the “stuff” you have. There’s just too many plugins and other things… 184 requests in total, and 60 of those requests are css files.

I tried to check your site in Google PageSpeed Insights but it timed out, and now I can’t load your site at all. Sorry…