Increasing Errors in Google Search Console Day by Day/from last 7 days

Hello Team Cloudflare,

I am getting 3 types of error in Coverage Issues:- "Mobile Usability issues, Server Error (5xx), Submitted URL has crawle issue & Submitted URL blocked by robots.txt.

I Have checked from my side, Robots.txt is also showing Allowed to search engine have tested live test URL , showing URL is not available on Google server error (5xx), URL is not on Google: Indexing error.

I am totally confused where the issue is, everything is fine done on website still getting errors, without knowing how to solve the issues??

Pls have a look on these screenshot:-

also i have contacted to my hosting provider Bluehost they recommended me to resubmit the sitemap, but i have the same issue with Bing & Yandex too… can resubmiting the sitemap these 3 search console will solve the issues??

also i have contacted to Google webmaster too they said to contact with your hosting server & i am using cloudflare server pls have a look:- [](http://Google Webmaster Forum)

Cloudflare is not your host, they just proxy to your host. You need to contact your webhost.

Hello Sandro,
before creating this topic i have contacted with my webhost they recomended me to resubmit the sitemap on google so i was bit confused because google aslo said to contact to your webhost but what about Bing And Yandex there is also showing 500 & 503 errors?? will resubmiting the sitemap will solve these issues??

It might be, but that really depends on the issue. The topic is somewhat off-topic for the forum here I am afraid.

well i am afraid too because on another tab i am testing live url test in google and some urls are going indexed and some are not… . confusion is the particular 1 url i am trying from early morning but did not indexed and nw google have indexed!!

what is going on?? is that is happening from firewall rule or page rule??

if that is happening from firewall rule or page rule than that url would not be indexed, but that indexed and some other url also indexed in these minutes…

now too whom i contact… unable to understand this issue

Do you have any of that in place?

Either your web host or your web developer.

have some ips blocked in firewall

If these are Google addresses you have found the solution :wink:

If not, it wont be the firewall.

how do i get to know this is google bot & This is not google bot?

Why did you block these addresses in the first place?

its automated blocked by firewall rules

Cloudflare does not add any addresses automatically.

Post full page screenshots of your firewall rules and the firewall event log.

Well, the firewall rules do not seem to be IP address specific. It is not obvious what they block but from the available information it seems unlikely they block anything.

As for the event log, that only goes back two hours, so it is difficult to tell whether anything was blocked or not. I would suggest you look at it carefully and evaluate each entry to determine whether Google might have been blocked.

In general, I’d recommend to first find out why Google claims to be blocked and what response their crawlers get. Based on that you can then take further steps. I’d contact the person who is responsible for maintaining your site.

while getting info from you i have fixed some urls in live test url in google around 30 than how google is blocked??

if google is blocked than its impossible to fix around 30 urls

Again, it is best to contact your web developer.

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