Increasing Cloudflare pages projects limit - IMMEDIATE

We have built a SaaS product where a user on our platform can launch their business sub-domain website on our domain for free.

Currently the project has a limit of 100 pages, limiting our scope to support more users.

I have requested mulitple times, but have not received any response thus far from Cloudflare.

Hi there,

Would you be open to upgrading your plan to Enterprise (Premium) Support plan?

Please check with the Sales Team here for the best options on your requirements:

Thank you.

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Hello sir. we are a startup and there are many domains we have bought on which we Intend to give subdomains and for each domain we have set up a seperate Cloudflare account and having an enterprise plan on all accounts will be extremely costly, more so when in our bid to digitize the transport commerce, we Intend to give websites to thousands of vendors & intermediaries for free.

We can update all our accounts to the Pro acocunt. However the limit of 100 projects is not letting us help large number of offline vendors.

Please help.

Hi there,

These are the current limits for Cloudflare pages:
Screenshot 2024-03-06 at 09.39.31

I understand that you are a startup, but upgrading your plan, even if only to Pro, will more than double your current limit. It’s up to you to know if that’s enough or not.

Take care.


Hi, thank you for this. For all there plans, I have come to know that Cloudflare offers unlimited domains, however they have put a soft limit of 100 domains. I am filled the form for a request to increase this limit but have not heard back yet.

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When a website is launched, the message comes, You have reached the soft limit for the number of projects on your account. Please contact support to create more projects.

We are a SaaS platform, wherein one in tour/travel business can launch their subdomain website for free. Cloudflare has a soft limit of 100 websites. We in our bid to digitize transport commerce want to help thousands of small businesses take & grow their busienss online.

I have also filled the limit increase request form mulitple times to increase the limit on Cloudflare pages project. Cloudflare Developer Platform: Limit Increase Request Form

However, we have not received any response thus far. Please help.