Increased Spam This week

This past week, I’ve had a noticeable increase in spam comments through my wordpress blog.
Up until last Monday/tuesday, I had no spam comments at all, and this week, I’ve had about 20 through.
Is Cloudflare working correctly? I assumed Cloudflare blocked spam comments by its challenging bad browsers, and all of my spam is coming from multiple different IP address, I’d assume it would be blocked.
If someone can advise how I go about this I’d be grateful, if the spam comments haven’t stopped by friday then I shall leave Cloudflare because with the free plan, I’ve noticed a drop in performance, not an improvement.

Spambots are different from DDoS.

I recommend installing Akismet and Wordfence for Wordpress site protection.

As for performance, with a proper caching configuration at Cloudflare, your overall load time will decrease, but Cloudflare can’t speed up TTFB from your server.

I use both Akismet and Wordfence plus installed WP reCaptcha Integration, which adds a reCaptcha challenge to the signup, login, comment forms and lost password requests. I still get a few every now and then but they are mostly gone.


Thanks guys, I’ll give antispamsket ago

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