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Recently moved nameservers and DNS to Cloudflare from Siteground. Everything seemed to be working great until I then installed the cloudflare plugin for WordPress on my website. That’s when the problem started.
In GT Metrix, the Relative Requests was 27 before I installed the plugin, it has now jumped to 112 (a lot of .js files on the waterfall chart).
I immediately seen this issue, therefore deleted the plugin from WordPress, but the 112 requests were still showing. I then went back to the hosting and retrieved a back up of the files and database from 5 hours previously (before the installation of the cloudflare plugin), and purged all the caches. The 112 requests are still there and it’s seriously affecting the performance of my eCommerce website. That plugin has done some serious damage and I cannot find a way to fix it. Any ideas?
Domain is Thanks.

I’m only seeing 27 requests total in my browser, and the GTMetrix waterfall is about the same size.

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Thanks sdayman, yeah, mine is down to only 24 requests now, must have been a temporary glitch somewhere.
15.57s load time is not what I want to see from an external source. Something not right somewhere with my settings, could it be cloudflare?

High TTFB is extremely difficult to track down when they’re inconsistent. Waterfall views are a good place to start, but I didn’t save the link to that GTMetrix test.

This isn’t a flattering report:

TTFB is consistently very high during parallel requests. It might be a good idea to load-test your site with, and without Cloudflare. WooCommerce sites are generally resource-intensive when they get some traffic.

Wow, that isn’t very good at all. Will disable cloudflare to see if that is this issue. Moved the nameserver and dns to cloudflare on a recommendation.

Cloudflare does a great job of lowering overall load time due to caching static files (images, JS, CSS), but adds a tiny bit of overhead to TTFB. Plus all the other security and performance features.

But that TTFB is impossible for Cloudflare to speed up if it can’t quickly get that content from the origin server.

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Jumped from 20 to 78 after pausing cloudflare! That is crazy

Except the part where 6 locations couldn’t connect at all.

I run almost all my sites through Cloudflare and I’ve never had a TTFB like that. And most of them are on the free plan.

I still suggest you load test your site without Cloudflare. I use They have a free tier.

Ok Sdayman, thanks for your help here, much appreciated. I have decided to take the nameservers back to siteground and activate cloudflare through cPanel on their hosting (as I had it previously).

Performance is back to where it was previously, which wasn’t bad. Trying to get them extra milliseconds shaved off sometimes doesn’t work. Looks like having the DNS on cloudflare was not for this site.

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I doubt it was due to DNS, and the score is about the same:

The large purple band in the GTMetrix is the wait time after the DNS lookup and connection request to the origin.

Yeah, I haven’t got a clue what’s going on. The first test is always slow, but the retest is always very quick. Leave it for an hour and a retest it again and it’s slow again! Would be nice to have it quick loading for first time visitors all the time rather than for second visit. Would be nice to get that purple band a lot shorter for first visit. Thanks sdayman

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