Increased Pages functions limit

I’m currently on Pages free and I’m wondering if there will ever be a pay-as-you-go bundled version, sort of like Cloudflare Workers? 100,000 functions requests is extremely generous, but I’m wondering if there’s a way to buy extra requests in the future.

My site falls victim to many DDoS attacks unfortunately, so it’s possible that the functions requests limit is exhausted by these attacks and my Pages project goes offline leading to unhappy users.


Yes, Functions billing is coming but I do not have a timeline for this right now. Definitely something we want to add though :slight_smile:

For now, if you need the limit increasing then please fill out this form: Functions Limit Increase on Cloudflare Pages

Hi, thanks for the quick reply! Is this form free? Or will you contact me afterward with some sort of “quote” or pay per request billing?

Nope it’s a free limit increase while we don’t have billing! We of course require a valid reason, you can’t get 1 billion if you get 1,000 requests a day but we do raise it within reason.

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