Increased latency with Cloudflare load balancing

Hi all,

I am using Cloudflare’s load balancing service and I can see a noticeable increase in latency. My servers are in Nuremberg, Germany, and I’m in Espoo, Finland. Ping is around 33ms. Without Cloudflare, pages for my Rails app are fetched by the browser in 80ms or so average. With Cloudflare (either just the proxy or with the load balancing, which I have currently enabled) the time taken to fetch pages takes no less than 120ms and very, very often it goes even beyond 200ms. I don’t think this is normal at all. What can I do? I’m on the free plan but pay for the load balancing service. Can I contact support? If yes, how? I might be blind but I cannot find it…

Thanks in advance.

Nevermind, it seems like it wasn’t related to Cloudflare. A node in my Kubernetes cluster was misbehaving affecting the MySQL cluster. After restarting it the latency added by Cloudflare is 20-30ms in most cases, so it’s much better than what I was seeing before. Perhaps it’s a coincidence that the problem with that node happened right when testing with Cloudflare.


Hi @vito, thank you for closing the loop on your post, that’s really helpful for others. With that same thought, yes, you can contact Support regardless of plan.

To contact Customer Support, login & go to and select get more help from the bottom of the screen. Please give Support the complete details and link to your Community post. If you contact Support regarding an issue you’ve raised in the Community, adding your ticket number to the thread here helps us keep an eye on progress.

Here’s a bit of background on Cloudflare Support for reference:

Hi! I am still seeing varying latency unfortunately, so it wasn’t just a problem with a node. Sometimes pages are fetched in 80-90ms, sometimes more than 200ms. I’ll contact support, thanks!

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