Increase the timeout of cloudflare

I need to increase the timeout in cloudflare because in one of my application the error of “524 a timeout” is occured and in solution of that it is found that need to increase the timeout of response in cloudflare.

So is it possible to increase the timeout in cloudflare? If yes, then how it is possible?

That is not possible. You need to finish everything in under 100 seconds. Otherwise you need to change your approach. Please use the search as that topic has been covered extensively.

Thank you for your response.
Actually If data is more(database record is more than 10,000) than in that case response time is exceeds.So can you please tell what other way may i use to fix this issue because currently the timeout is occurred if the data(Records) are 10,000 but in future data will definately increase.

So can you please tell me what other way i can use to resolved this issue?

You need to change your application to process this either faster or in batches and send more than one request or use an unproxied record instead. But all of this has been covered in aforementioned threads already.

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It is possible to increase the timeout on an Enterprise plan from CloudFlare. But as Sandro mentions, even then ideally you would change your approach to use keep alives or some other polling/notification mechanism as extremely long timeouts to origin become a potential DDoS vector.

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