Increase of "An unknown error has occurred" when playing the video

I’ve noticed a rising number of users encountering the “An unknown error has occurred” message when attempting to play a video. This error manifests with the player displaying the mentioned error message (see img below). However, the audio continues to play, and users can still skim through the timeline to view preview frames. The video is signed and blocked to my domain. Most users are located in Brazil.

I would appreciate Cloudflare’s assistance in troubleshooting this issue.

This has come up a couple of times, best suggestion I’ve seen is here,

Thank you for pointing out that thread. However, the issue is different.

It isn’t related to the “encode” pass from Cloudflare. When playing the video, the behavior is inconsistent (intermittent). For the same client using the same browser, the video sometimes plays without issues, but at other times, it displays an error. This wasn’t a problem in the past and started to happen recently (including to old videos that never had any problems).

@contato116 could you send me a very quick 1 sentence email with some video IDs you’re seeing this with, and approximately at what interval, so I can try to replicate? My email is renan@

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We’ve just rolled out a change that should resolve this issue. Please let us know if you see it again. :pray:t2:

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That’s excellent news! I’ll keep you updated :handshake:

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