Increase Maximum Upload Size

We are running a month-long project that requires users to upload a video through our website. Our current limit (Maximum Upload Size) is set at 200MB (we’re on the Business Plan), but we would like to double this to 400MB. Is this possible within our current plan? It is just a temporary limit change for the next 3 days to allow larger files to be uploaded to our AWS S3 server.

If that is not doable, is it possible for us to bypass this limit? I’ve read that creating a subdomain to bypass the Cloudflare proxy will work, but I’m not sure if that integrates easily into our current setup.

Thank you.

Side-note: I submitted this same question to Cloudflare Support via email and received a reply from Celeste who completely avoided answering my question and instead send me a copy/paste of questions and answers about Cloudflare’s video streaming services. Really unimpressed with the help I’ve received so far as a paying customer on the Business Plan, and frankly I expect better from Cloudflare!

Hi @damiendutoit,

I’m sorry you’re not happy with the support you got, I have generally found them to be pretty helpful.

In answer to your question, I’m afraid that the limit on the Business plan is 200MB.

The alternative would be what you have already mentioned to bypass the proxy when uploading, you could bypass Cloudflare on your entire site but that’s not ideal hence the suggestion of a :grey: subdomain.

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