Increase in Image Resizing requests and pricing discrepancy

Has anyone else noticed an increase in billable requests to the image resizing service beginning October 9th? Our traffic hasn’t changed, but we’ve gone from an average of 2k requests per day to now over 200k per day and were wondering if this was isolated to our site or if this is the result of some change on Cloudflare?

Additionally, we’ve found a discrepancy between the billing docs and were wondering which was correct. Hovering over the “I” icon in the billable usage image resizing graph reveals an overlay that says this:

The first 100,000 requests are included every month. You will be charged $10 for every additional 100,000 requests.

But pricing in the support doc for image resizing says this (for business customers):

Business customers get 100K requests per month for free. Each additional set of 50,000 uncached requests cost USD $10 per month.

And the blog post announcing the feature says this:

Business Customers have 100k requests per month limit and will be charged $10 for each additional 100k requests per month.

So is it $10 for every additional 100,000 requests or $10 for every additional 50,000 requests?