Increase greatly Response time

Dear Cloudflare,
Please help with this problem. When I connect my website ( to Cloudflare, the response time will increase greatly.
Speed test without Cloudflare:

Speed test with Cloudflare:

Thank you!

It looks like 2 requests timed out because Cloudflare was unable to make a connection with your origin server.

I recommend checking out the above community article for troubleshooting steps.


Thank you so much! I will try to solve the problem. Unfortunately, my server provider is not very helpful. I’ve already talked to them. They told me that “they don’t know what is causing the problem, I prefer to leave the cloudflare.” But I don’t like this solution!

Honestly, I would consider switching hosts if that was their response, if they are blocking the connection they should know it and if not, they should know it too and let the user know some software or rule on the server itself is blocking the connection.

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