Increase CPU limit in new Workers pricing model

I understand from this blog post that the pricing for Workers has been updated and I think that not having to pay for the entire wall-time of requests is a very competitive proposition. However I seem to have run into a problem with the new 30 second CPU time limit per Worker request. I have a Worker that fetches, decompresses and parses gzipped resources and I believe that the code is performant (it uses a DecompressionStream and loops directly over the chunks, for example) but I consistently receive ExceededCpu errors since being migrated to the new pricing structure. Is there any way to increase the 30 second CPU limit on my account?

Hi @tom29

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to increase the 30-second CPU limit per request on Cloudflare Workers under the standard pricing plans. If your Worker is consistently hitting this limit, you may need to optimize your code further or consider breaking up the task into smaller chunks that can be processed within the CPU time limit.