Incorrectly Billed for Page Rules

So about 7 months ago I was on a Pro Tier and downgraded to Free (just until I was about to launch).

However for the last 7 months I have been billed $20/month for Page Rules. Even though I have never used this feature and so have always had zero page rules. And was never asked if I wanted this.

I keep talking to support but it’s like I am talking to a robot as they keep giving me the same response e.g. cancel my subscription when I’m on a Free Tier.

I really don’t want to have to chargeback every month since I need Cloudflare and don’t want them to ban me. But it seems like they don’t care ?

Mind to share your ticket number? Maybe @Laurie can take a look at it.

I just read through the ticket (2130666) again and it makes sense now.

When I downgraded from Pro to Free you quietly keep me subscribed to a “20 Additional Rules” add-on without asking if I ever wanted this feature or not or making it opt-in.

Do you still have this “subscription trap” ?

Uh, I guess someone from Cloudflare needs to clarify this, as I’m not a Cloudflare employee.

But I think it’s still make sense that Cloudflare does not automatically remove the 20 additional rules subscription because page rules can be purchased by anyone using any plan, including free plan users. Just my two cents.

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You don’t opt-in people for subscriptions without their permission.

I have never used page rules. So not sure why they thought I needed an additional 20 of them.

If the user never paid for Page Rules, then I don’t see why Cloudflare would subscribe them to the 20 when downgrading to a Free Plan if they have zero page rules in use. I can certainly see the case if they have >5 in use.

Hi @naden,

I have checked your ticket and it has been escalated as requested. In addition, please note that you are not opted into the page rules, you actually have to check out when downgrading and not opting out of retaining your page rules. Please review the following: Changing your Cloudflare plan type – Cloudflare Help Center
Specifically the first paragraph:

While we cannot address account specific details in the public community, your ticket as previously stated has been escalated.


I don’t care for that wording, or the process. It says you have the option to keep the page rules configuration. That sounds like opt-in. Even the green notice says “opt-in”. Yet the third bullet says you opt-out. If it really is opt-out (I’ve not done a downgrade to check), then it sounds like a subscription trap.


I can escalate your concerns about the wording there for sure. You do have to go through the check-out process if you retain the page rules when downgrading though.



a) It is unreasonable for me to be expected to read a help guide on how to downgrade a plan. This is something people do with subscription products all the time.

b) Internet archive, albeit unreliable, is not showing this page existing before September last year.

c) Where I am this behaviour would be a clear breach of Australian Consumer Law and warrant attention from our ACCC regulator.

Hi @naden,

I am just sharing the resources for you here. You would need to reply to the ticket in order to discuss specific concerns regarding your order.

This feature was launched as a requested feature as page rules would always downgrade when you downgraded your plan, which when customers had more than 3-page rules was a pain point for them, so the option to retain the current plan page rules was developed and a specific checkout process where you click to pay for the added page rules as part of that process.



This is not a feature. This is a grossly unethical subscription trap.

You shouldn’t have billed 20 additional page rules when that feature was not being used and without making it explicit during the downgrade that you were doing this.

Anyway the ticket was closed as a Resolved. What fantastic customer service.