Incorrect URl redirection

I have checked everything from my end and still the site is directing to when accessed through mobile. I previously had a A record or may be a CNAME record under the DNS settings and the code in my php page to detect any mobiles to be redirected to M DOT TAMILRAGAM DOT COM. Now the code has been deleted and also the reference to A and Cname records for M was deleted. It is a fresh copy of Windows 10 and also IIS server, however all of the above steps is still redirecting to M DOT TAMILRAGAM DOT COM. Any help to trace it would be much appreciated.

Whats your website link ?

May I ask you to check if you got any redirection configured under the Speed tab → Optimization → look for the section “Mobile Redirect”.

Or maybe you have had some Page Rule configured?

OMG! Fritex, never realized I had a mobile redirect activated. I turned it off and it works perfectly fine. WOW should have asked this question before rather reformatting everything in Windows.
Thank you so much for the solution

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