Incorrect propagation NS

I appreciate your help indicating the step to follow, because I canceled the dns services in the free plan, and I unsubscribed my website from my Cloudflare account, however they continue to issue updates posting that my ns are hans.ns. and and are no longer. Every so often they overwrite the correct propagation which is and

The problem usually occurs with the propagation in Australia, New Zealand and Turkey, after a while, some places that already had the correct propagation, are overwritten with Cloudflare’s ns.

I have my website down, my current ns service tells me to contact Cloudflare so that it does not continue to propagate the ns.

Can you help me please, thank you.

What’s your domain? If you are not using Cloudflare, Cloudflare has no way of setting any records, even if their nameservers still advertise your domain.

Anything propagation related will update whenever the values expire.

The nameserver values need to be set at (and are read from) the value set at your registrar. If your current NS service is telling you that you need to contact Cloudflare then I’d ask them why specifically… because unless Cloudflare is also your registrar I’m going to imagine the answer will be pretty entertaining.

Should you have left the zone on Cloudflare for 24-48 hours after changing to a new DNS provider? Waited for propagation to complete and then removed the domain. Yes, because values can be cached by resolvers globally… but there’s nothing Cloudflare can do about a value cached by a 3rd party resolver.

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