Incorrect pricing for .org domains

I recently purchased a .org domain. As I was going through the registration from the beginning to the completion, the system says it’s $7.50 to register. However, I was surprised that I got charged $10.11. Yes, in the help section, it says that the price is $10.11. However, I can’t seem to find where the $2.61 came from and nowhere in the help section either.

I suspect that’s because of the following:

It can also be due to region specific taxes or other fees. You can open a Billing ticket here,

You’re comparing prices for two different things. Currently, it’s $7.50 to register a new .org domain, and $10.11 to renew an existing .org domain at Cloudflare. Public Interest Registry manages the .org TLD, and they’ve temporarily reduced their cost for new .org registrations.

Cloudflare is passing along the registry’s discounted pricing for new registrations. The registry is not offering discounted pricing on existing registration renewals.


Looks like you are correct. Thanks for the catch.

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