Incorrect port blocking via CFproxy

Hello Community,

I’m Matt and I am seeking some help with Cloudflare Proxy.

I have a problem. I am proxying the SolusVM panel through Cloudflare. While the proxy is active the VNC stopped doesn’t work, so I contacted support and we troubleshoot for 2 hours and were able to conclude that for some reason Cloudflare blocks traffic on port 7706 which causes VNC to not function.

Here are the logs from the developer console:
“Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at wss://”

This is what I get in the web browser when I try to establish a VNC connection while the site is active on Cloudflare. I tried pausing Cloudflare on the site and use the local let’s encrypt certificate and it worked fine.

This leads me to believe that Cloudflare is blocking this port, however, I do not know how to disable this behavior as I cannot find anything online about it neither I recall that Cloudflare interferes with that part. How can I do that?

NOTE: I tried disabling the proxy on the “vps.” A record however the issue still persisted.

Any assistance is much appreciated. If you need any extra logs to help me further, please do let me know. Thank you in advance, best Matt

Cloudflare does not block that port, it simply does not support it.

That should work. I’d disable it and try again.

Hey! Thank you a bunch for your reply.

If Cloudflare doesn’t support that port, does that mean that no traffic will pay through (rendering VNC in my case unusable), or is there a way to bypass it?

Best Matt

I reread the article and found the answer there, I apologies.

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