Incorrect nameservers


I would like to use one domain with my Cloudflare profile. I add the nameservers, but the Cloudflare system is overrite.
In my profile, CliudFlare is add: and
But when i try add that 2 for nameserver, the system change to eric.ns… and tia.ns… and i don’t know, why.

M-GREET -I- [mydomainsample_dot_hu] Domi version 20170905 at 2018-11-21.14:38
M-STA -I- [mydomainsample_dot_hu] Starting from: amanda.ns.Cloudflare_dot_com
M-NADD -I- [mydomainsample_dot_hu] NS addr:
M-PNAM -I- [mydomainsample_dot_hu] NS name: tia.ns.Cloudflare_dot_com
M-PADD -I- [mydomainsample_dot_hu] NS addr:
M-PARI -W- [mydomainsample_dot_hu] NS records inconsistent with parent !!!
M-ROK -I- [mydomainsample_dot_hu] SOA parameters comply with RIPE
M-NS -I- [mydomainsample_dot_hu] A records for DNS servers:
addr of NS tia.ns.Cloudflare_dot_com.:
addr of NS eric.ns.Cloudflare_dot_com.:
IPV6 addr of NS tia.ns.Cloudflare_dot_com.: 2400:CB00:2049:1:0:0:ADF5:3AE5
IPV6 addr of NS eric.ns.Cloudflare_dot_com.: 2400:CB00:2049:1:0:0:ADF5:3B70
M-CSOA -I- [mydomainsample_dot_hu] checking SOA at: tia.ns.Cloudflare_dot_com,
M-CSOA -I- [mydomainsample_dot_hu] checking SOA at: eric.ns.Cloudflare_dot_com,
M-CSA6 -I- [mydomainsample_dot_hu] checking SOA at: tia.ns.Cloudflare_dot_com, 2400:CB00:2049:1:0:0:ADF5:3AE5
M-CSA6 -I- [mydomainsample_dot_hu] checking SOA at: eric.ns.Cloudflare_dot_com, 2400:CB00:2049:1:0:0:ADF5:3B70
M-TRNO -I- [mydomainsample_dot_hu] skipping traceroute, servers on diff nets
M-NSC -I- [mydomainsample_dot_hu] checking NS records …
M-SGET -I- [mydomainsample_dot_hu] getting data from tia.ns.Cloudflare_dot_com …
M-SGET -I- [mydomainsample_dot_hu] getting data from eric.ns.Cloudflare_dot_com …
M-OK -S- [mydomainsample_dot_hu] All’s well… that ends well…



lazarjanos dot hu

Cloudflare currently does announce eric and tia as authoritative nameservers and if your registrar attempts to validate them it will fail with what you were given.

I assume your domain is currently active with another Cloudflare account. Is that correct? If so, can you simply use that account?

Yes, old profile (another account) was active. The old Cloudflare profile deleted the domain before a few days. Tell that for me, but i can’t check that. I can’t access the old profile (another account).

In that case you need to open a support ticket.

Where can i do that? I’m tried to find.


Thank You!


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