Incorrect nameservers used

Hi there. I added a couple of domains and changed their nameservers to and, but with one domain the registrar’s service keeps saying: The nameservers are incorrect.

Now, I know that I copy/pasted it correctly, and it worked for all the other domains; so I contact the registrar, and they say they cannot help me, since it’s a problem on Cloudflare’s end. What can I do to solve this issue?

can u share a screenshot of this error?

I can, but their website is in Dutch. The translated text is:

The nameserver change has failed. The entered nameservers are incorrect.

That is all it shows. The domain provider now told me that I should be able to add my domain to the Cloudflare’s zone. I don’t know what they mean.

Edit 1: Also it’s a .DE domain. I have already done nslookup and checked it at, and in both cases it looks completely fine.

Edit 2: After asking my domain provider what they mean by adding my domain to Cloudflare’s zone, they said they don’t know what they mean and they can’t help me further, because they don’t know what Cloudflare is.

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