Incorrect Host Server Info in Copyright Abuse Responses

I am working to remove illegal abuse of copyright material. There are several sites that Cloudflare abuse says are Hosting Solutions, Inc with a contact of [email protected] however they say the IPs are not theirs. WHOIS for the sites only list Cloudflare contact.

One example site is with IP 2606:4700:3037::ac43:d332

Where can I get the correct host server info?

Which IPs?


Those are all Cloudflare. Of course that host is going to say it’s not them. It’s a safe bet that T&S pointed you in the right direction, but the host is just denying it’s them.

What is the next step if the host continues to deny? Is there an official form that can be provided by Cloudflare to get past the lie if that is what is happening?

You’d have to get an attorney who knows how to handle this. T&S did not steer you wrong, and Hosting Solutions is not cooperating.

So now I think I see the game. They wait a week to reply and say the IP is not theirs and I ping the server and find it has changed from what it is.

I suspect this may be a well known dodge tactic?

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