Incorrect GeoIP Location

We are the ISP for the IP prefix Cloudflare geo location is placing this IP space in Canada where our TLD for the BGP AS number is registered, despite the geolocation for the IP prefix being in the US. has the correct location, yet Cloudflare is incorrectly reporting and blocking clients from this prefix. What other mechanism does Cloudflare use to track physical location? How else can I get this resolved?


Location should just come from MaxMind.

Is there a specific IP address you can provide as an example?


The current IP in question is

I tested this IP and its showing up as a US IP in my firewall.

It’s possible this IP was blocked for a different reason.
Under Securty > Events you can filter for this IP. You should then be able to see the specific rule and reason this was blocked.

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Is it possible to use other geolocation providers instead of Maxmind in Cloudflare?