Incorrect email address - cannot verify and/or change email address

I logged up using an incorrect email address because of my fat fingers. I cannot verify that email address and I also cannot change to my correct email address because I cannot verify. I also cannot view the ticket that I logged with that account because I cannot verify the email address. Does anybody know how I can change the email address on that account please I created a new account with a different email address just so I could post this

If you’ve already created an account with the correct email address, I’d just use that account with the correct email.

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The other account has my payment details, I would like to remove that/close it but I cannot seem to do it without verifying the email of the other account.

Also I used a “totally different email address” ie gmail instead of hotmail.

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Got it, thank you. The support team can assist you on an Account ticket. You can open an Account ticket here, using the account you are using here.

On the ticket, share with the team the email on the other account and any websites in that account. Please add a link this conversation, Incorrect email address - cannot verify and/or change email address and let us know the ticket number once you have it and we’ll flag it for the team.

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Ticket number: [3138592]

Thanks you!!

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