Incorrect DNS?

Hi people I have a small problem andbut I want to set a prefix in front of my domain but somehow it doesn’t do the setting or I still can’t get to the desired page

By any chance, does that prefix end with a dot (.)?

No, it doesn’t.

Can you show us your settings (redact IPs in screenshot)?

Here 1:
Here 2:

Resolves just fine for me.

$ dig +short @ SRV
1 1 8085

Whats the issue?

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Somehow the DNS entry doesn’t work i actually wanted to set a prefix at my old domain it worked without problems like in the screenshots

What does not work? It resolves fine as I have shown. What prefix are you referring to? What do you actually want to achieve?

so I want to put a prefix in front of my domain so I can set up a forum. But with, unfortunately, it does not solve itself at all on
The full URL should be and point to port 8085

What you configured is an SRV record. That wont work the way you want it.

You will need to configure an A record - and if you want port 8085 you need to make sure you are not proxying it over Cloudflare (:grey: and not :orange:, hence none of the performance and security features) as that port does not work on Cloudflare.

i already have an A-Record but i just want to put a prefix in front of it like e.g. Forum and at that time that was possible with an SRV-record. i have a server on which two webservers run on different ports one is the homepage and the other is the forum

I really dont know what you mean by prefix. You’d need to provide an example.

SRV records wont allow “prefixes” however any more than regular A records do. Particularly if you are talking about a web context, you do not need to bother with SRV records as they are not used in this context.

So I rented the domain I have a server on which 2 webservers run one on port 80 and one on port 8085. The server on port 80 should be addressed with the URL “” which works quite well and the port 8085 should be addressed with the URL “” and I can’t write a port into an A-Record

Simply create an additional record for “monitor” which is either an A record pointing to the same IP address or a CNAME pointing to “”. Subsequently you can access it via Though make sure the record is set to :grey: and not :orange:.

Well if I enter “” then it works without entering but I don’t want to specify the port that the users shouldn’t have to enter because that’s annoying too

That you cant avoid.

At best you could write a custom worker script which manually proxies requests to that port, but that would be pricey.

:wave: @onkelplay,

An SRV record isn’t read/used by browsers to determine what port they should try to access a website on. So specifying that won’t work. Probably better that you should configure a reverse proxy that listens on 80/443 and directs the requests for the sites to their appropriate port on that machine.


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