Incorrect DNS Record+website down

Can anyone assist me? My website is down for several days already.
I’ve built a site on and want to connect my domain via pointing. I received the support email from Cloudflare that everything is fine as the DNS records are already pointed to that location.

Today I checked with again, they told me that the domain propagation process has failed due to the incorrect DNS Record.

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Please help!
To connect your domain to Wix, set up your DNS records as follows:

create an A record that points to:

create a Cname record that points to:

Hi @kevin.ow,

Unfortunately, Wix doesn’t currently support Cloudflare -

I suspect that your DNS records are :orange: and that this is why they claim it points to the wrong place. They evidently don’t understand how Cloudflare works!

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Can you please help me to ensure if everything working fine. I’m using Pointing method to

Now there is the issue regarding the SSL Certificate. claimed that Cloudflare site didn’t establish the CNAME record properly. support advised me to contact with Cloudflare to ensure this to be done.

I’m so confused, Please advise!

Since you’re using Cloudflare, your site shows as an “A” record for the Cloudflare Proxy (:orange:). Your site is loading (as you posted), but has Mixed Content.

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