Incorrect certificate for my subdomain - showing certifcate for a different domain


My domain is with Cloudflare and has been for a number of years.

I have subdomain which is very strangely displaying the certifcate for a different domain:

I have CNAME in Cloudflare that is set to take traffic to Moosend (my newsletter email provider):

CNAME - newsletter - - DNS only

When I visit my subdomain in a browser, I get a security warning for SSL_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN - when I look at the certificate, I can see that it is for a totally different domain - - this isn’t my domain.

Does anyone have any idea:

a) what’s happening
b) how I can fix it

I am assuming that the problem is at Cloudflare somewhere.

Thanks in advance,


That domain is not proxied via Cloudflare, so you will have to check your server to find out why it uses the wrong certificate.

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Thank you!

Turning on the CF proxy for that subdomain has made it work.

Thanks Laudian :+1:

That will not have fixed the incorrect certificate on your server, but just masks the problem. The connection to your server is still insecure, as you are probably using Flexible or Full encryption mode in Cloudflare. Only Full (strict) is secure.

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