Incorrect Categories on DNS lookups

In the last week I’ve been seeing a huge increase in newish sites being blocked in my organization for DNS categories that I block. The odd thing about the situation is when I go check radar, they don’t have the specific categories listed on the domain.

For example:

HBO Max is now being blocked because cloudflare zerotrust is flagging, etc as “parked & for sale domains” in addition to Entertainment, miscellaneous, technology, security risks, content servers, entertainment (again), login screen, video streaming. I am only blocking for “parked and for sale domains”. When I look at Radar I only see Entertainment, Login Screen, Video Streaming. So far fewer categories and not the the one I block for…

The next site in question is Radar has it flagged as Technology. But ZeroTrust has it marked as “Unreachable” and “No Content”

I’ve had about 10 more reported issues for other websites today. All reported websites also included reports of “it was working yesterday” and “I’ve been using it all year”. I ended up having to push out a different DNS solution until I can figure it out.

Why would zero trust be utilizing different category lists from Radar when it recommends Radar as the what it appears the source of truth? Was it a recent code change that may have broken something?

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