Incorrect address is being returned for my domain unless I specifically query a cloudflare server

Just today if I query pretty much any public DNS server, it returns an incorrect address for my domain. In fact, every public DNS server I query returns the same incorrect address. However, If I directly query for my domain, I get the correct address. This seems like an issue at Cloudflare’s level but I am unsure how I should go about reporting this as I use Cloudflare’s free tier.

If your record is proxied then it’ll return Cloudflare IPs, that’s by design and how proxying works.

If it’s DNS only, what’s the domain you’re having issues with?

I am aware of that. The issue is that cloudflares proxy address for my domain is not being returned.

It’s hard to help without knowing the domain.

Sorry, I missed that in the original post. Domain is

Are you sure that’s active?

whois says it’s unregistered and Freenom says it’s available to buy.

Strange, Cloudflare says it’s active

Not as far as the domain being registered - Cloudflare is referring to your zone, they don’t support .ga as a TLD with their registrar service.

You’ll need to make sure you’ve renewed the domain with your registrar.

Yeah ever since i transfered the domain, it doesnt show up in my freenom account so i cant renew it.

Active means in this context, your account has an active configuration for that domain and Cloudflare will serve requests for that domain. It does not refer to the registration of the domain, which appears to have been dropped. For that reason, Cloudflare will shortly drop it as well.

As for renewing it, it won’t show up in your account, because it’s not registered. If you want that domain you better immediately re-register it.

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