Inconsistent set of NS RRs


I am trying to change my nameservers to Cloudflare but it always fails with “ERROR: 118 Inconsistent set of NS RRs”.

I bought the domain a few days ago. My registrar could not help me and said in order to change the nameservers the domain must pass the DENIC NAST check:

When I run the check it always throws the error.

My research turns out, that the domain was previously used on a Cloudflare Pro account and the domain is within the zone files (olga and andy) but I need to set charles and fiosa.

So I created a support ticket 1636219 in order to clear the zone file (same issue as Can't set Cloudflare as NS).

The support team only send me a template mail “how to change nameserver” (stupid) and nothing else. I looks like they did not even read my mail…

I am waiting for 24h now and even analyzed the situation and told them where the issue is and how to resolve it but no one comes back. This is really really bad 1st level support (!!!) and I hope someone here can help or push it.




Didn’t see this before myself.

This one makes sense

Even though I don’t have NS RRs set. Did you try this?
On the other hand you, they should be able to purge it quickly.




@MarkMeyer, isnt that the usual registry-attempts-to-validate-the-nameservers? Isnt the Germany registry one of those doing that?

@wolfgang.eitel, in this case it would seem as if your domain is already active on a different Cloudflare account. Could that be the case?



Hi @wolfgang.eitel, can you try to make the name server change again? It’s been purged from the former account. Sorry for the issue you’re facing.



Yes, the domain is obviously already active on another Cloudflare account, which is not mine. But the domain now belongs to me, I bought it on the day as it expired :wink:

I checked it yesterday and the NAST check failed. So I waited until now but the DENIC NAST check still fails. It looks like the purge wasn’t successful on the former account. Can you re-check please?

Thanks and best



Yes, will follow up. It showed successful in our view, but may take time to propagate.



Yes, they are. In all the years I didn’t really understand why. :roll_eyes:


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