Inconsistent results with `Cache Everything'

I’m using page rules to `Cache Everything’ with browser cache TTL set to 16 days and Edge cache set to one month.

Using various testing tools like Pingdom, GT Metrix and webpagetest, cache everything initially appears to be successful as everything that can be cached by Cloudflare is cached (ie cf-cache-status is `HIT’) once that page has been visited.

Re-running the tests a few hours later, caching everything again appears to be universally successful because cf-cache-status is still set to `HIT’ for all elements cacheable by Cloudflare.

However, if I revisit the various testing tools a day or two later, I’m getting inconsistent results. In some cases the cf-cache-status is HIT', sometimes it'sMISS’ and occassionally it’s `EXPIRED’.

Are these inconsistent results likely to be caused by my site having very low traffic, resulting in the caches not being retained by Cloudflare ? If so, is there anything I can do retain the cf-cache-status of `HIT’ for longer periods (apart from getting more traffic)?

Many thanks

What does your page rule look like?

This has worked pretty well for me. If your rule looks like this and you’re still getting the occasional miss you’re doing fine.

Hi Owen…thanks for your reply. My final page rule looks very similar to yours. Alas, it’s more than an occasional miss…more like consistent misses after a few days

If it’s not causing any harm I’d say leave it be but you could try setting your cache level to “Ignore Query String” if you don’t use those.

Thanks again Owen…unfortunately it is causing harm in that it can dramatically increase page load times if the page is not fully cached on Cloudflare. In the meantime, I’ll try the Ignore Query String setting and let you know if that makes a difference

I remain suspicious that the frequent loss of cache is caused by low levels of traffic to my site

Possible. Content isn’t cached once accessed. It needs a few hits before it’s being cached. Items get deleted when they are not accessed frequently.

I tried Cache Everything in a Nextcloud instance and content, except the files were cached immediately. But i clicked around alot before I activated the page rule.

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