Inconsistent Redirect Chain

I have a really weird issue and I’m hoping the community can help. Our home page will, on occasion, return “Too Many Redirects” when trying to access it. No other page on the website returns this error, AND it doesn’t always happen. Numerous crawlers will recognize the issue sometimes, and recommend reviewing the 301 and/or assigning the correct canonicalization tag to the home page. I can confirm both are in place, however we still see occasional redirect chain issues.

We initially thought the issue was with the web host, however according to them the main issue should be somewhere in Cloudflare: “Thanks for writing us about this outage, when accessing the site via Flywheel IP, it appears to load without issue! This would strongly imply the redirect issue is most likely due to a Cloudflare setting causing the site to fail loading at the DNS level.
I would recommend temporarily disabling the Cloudflare proxy on site, and once done confirming whether the site comes back up. From there, you can modify settings as needed to ensure the site stays up, otherwise you can always contact Cloudflare’s Support to see if they’ve any insight on the issue.”

Can anyone help as to how best to move forward with this issue without causing additional issues? Thanks in advance.

Can you give the website?

Check your SSL/TLS is set to Full (strict) - although usually that gives a redirect on every page load, not intermittently, but could depend on what’s going on at the origin.

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This makes no sense. DNS doesn’t return 301 redirects. And DNS doesn’t load sites. It just points to where it should load from.

If that ever happens, open your browser’s Dev Tools, then reproduce. You’ll get a long list of URLs down in the Network Tab. Click on each one in sequence and check the Headers. It’ll show the URL requested, then the URL it’s redirected to. Post back your observations. If it’s not an SSL issue, as SJR advised, or it’s something more interesting.


Ah, yeah, I guess I would help a bit!

dangercharters dot com (it won’t let me add actual links for some reason)

Thanks, it’s working for me now BUT probably won’t be in a few hours or days, I’ll use the Dev Tools option you suggested and see what I find and report back. Thanks!


Hi @dangercharters

I see mixed content being served, so you need to make sure that all your resources are being served over HTTPS and not HTTP.


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