Inconsistent documentation for Always Online



I’m trying to get a handle on how Always Online is supposed to work. But the information I’m finding seems inconsistent.

For instance, on the Caching page, if I open the Help text below the Always Online settings, I see this:

Always Online will only trigger for specific error conditions, namely 500,503 or 4XX series errors.

But on the ‘Why is Always Online not working?’ page on the support site (, it says:

In order to trigger Always Online, your web server will need to be returning a standard HTTP Error code of 502 or 504 timeout. Always Online will also work when we encounter issues contacting your origin (Cloudflare Errors 521 & 523), timeouts (522 & 524), SSL errors (525 & 526) or an unknown error (520). Always Online will not be triggered for other HTTP response codes, such as 404s, 500, 503, database connection errors, internal server error, or empty replies from server.

Am I missing something, or do these statements contradict one another?


Sorry the help text under the setting is incorrect, the linked KB is correct.


Okay, thanks. Since that help text is the first thing a user is likely to see if they are looking at using Always Online, or debating whether to enable or disable it, I think fixing it should be a high priority. I’m also tempted to ask how it could be so completely wrong, but I understand that mistakes happen.


I see now that this issue has been reported in the past. This report is from July 2017, almost a year ago: Always Online Trigger Error Conditions

I think you folks need to fix this, unless your goal is to confuse the heck out of people.

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