Inconsistent connections through Cloudflare

I’m using the free plan of Cloudflare to connect my domain with a linode kubernetes backend. I’m hosting a web game, and through cloudflare my speeds are random: sometimes good, and at other times too slow to maintain a websocket connection. E.g.: I can have two different tabs open simultaneously in different browsers, and one connection is good, while the other keeps dropping / is severely throttled. Which browsers work or how many connections are good is random

I’m new to cloudflare but am assuming this has something to do with where the traffic is being routed: when connecting my domain directly to the backend or using the public ip, my connection is healthy.

Is there more information about / other people who resolved this issue? Are the nameservers / dns allotted on the free plan only appropriate for static sites? I’ve searched through the internet and can’t find anything conclusive

When you add /cdn-cgi/trace to your Domain so it looks like you see to which colo you are routed. You could check this to see if its the Colo which causes the Problems

I checked using different ip addresses, and with each location I’m connected to the same colo (though the fl value changes, but apparently doesn’t mean anything)

When you are always hitting the same Colo and sometimes its working and sometimes dont i can only guess its a Problem when there is a lot of traffic for that Colo. I didnt experienced something like this for myself though. Maybe you are fine with sharing the Domain so that others can look how it is for them in different locations.

Right now my domain is running on a single backend node, and is functional. I’ve simulated trying different locations with a vpn, and have the same results when using more than one node. For now I’m settling to just operate without a multi-node cluster

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