Incomplete Whois Verification Issues

I had transferred my domain registrar to Cloudflare recently and everything worked well. But discovered that my site was not loading this morning, showing error 522. Then I emailed the hosting company and got a reply that

this domain is suspended due to incomplete Whois Verification

The domain age is more than two years, and the Whois section on cloudflare domain manager is current and up to date, with my current name, phone number and email address.

Now, how do I resolve this error?
Site is: DroidAfrica

Your hosting company doesnt have to care about your domain or whois. If there is anything incomplete your registrar will contact you.

Thanks for you quick response. My concern is the site is showing error 522, and I can’t dig out where the error is coming from

You’d need to use the search for that → Community Tip - Fixing Error 522: Connection timed out

Basically your host does not respond to the request.