Incomplete Domain Name Transfer Interfaces

I have a few domain names that are stuck in transfer interface limbo on your system.

“how we got here”

transferred domain from godaddy to Cloudflare

verified via icann that Cloudflare is in possession of the domain

within Cloudflare, the domain isn’t considered active in the domain

the domain cannot be added because it’s name server cannot be changed

there currently isn’t an administrative interface to add or modify the domain to the system

you are unable to “transfer” the domain to Cloudflare because ownership of it cannot be verified

It’s been over two months in trying to get your support to team to resolve this issue.

It would be great to commit to building out your development team, hire a few more IA’s so that customers domains aren’t trapped in an alpha system. That or set the expectation that registrar services are only for new domains, since it’s a simpler UX to implement.

[Cloudflare Support]
(2019-07-13): 1719019 - domain transfer issues
(2019-05-27): 1692509 - Missing Domain Name after transferring in

This is a known issue with GoDaddy. I see you have two tickets: 1692509 and 1719019

Hopefully @cloonan can push it to the right people and get Support to be more responsive to name server issues with transferred domains.

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Thank you, @sdayman. @construct, sorry for the issue you’re facing.

On 1692509, I see the zone was added and the name server change was confirmed successfully. I also see the zone was moved from your account 3 weeks later, then deleted. On the same day the cf name servers were last seen, I see the invoice for the domain transfer. If you have that ticket and can respond back, it will re-open it for an engineer to respond. If not, let me know and I’ll merge it into the other ticket.

Regarding the other ticket, I don’t see either of those zones as pending nor active at any time on Cloudflare, nor do I see any invoice for registrar. When did you add them?

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@sdayman - known issue as in your system isn’t currently set to handle transfers from godaddy? is there more to the process than:
unlock domain -> updates dns -> initiatiate transfer -> confirm transfer codes -> upon successful transfer relock domain -> profit

@cloonan - I appreciate your team was able to get it back online quick (65 days for me, 3 hrs for you). can you have your IAs/biz rules people check and confirm what parts of the process you described is automated? Once the domains transferred, it relocked itself and functioned, I stopped modifying the Cloudflare entry - but the system seemed to have other plans.

While my issue has for the most part been resolved, I would hate for the core issue to not be resolved and others be affected as well

It’s not “my system”, as I don’t work for Cloudflare. It’s a GoDaddy “feature” where they reset the name servers upon transfer out. I don’t know why they do this, but it’s less than helpful.


Gotcha! good thing it’s known and repeatable issue that can be programmatically solved.

Thanks again for your input and reply!

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